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The Best Louisiana Farm Raised

Our farm is locally owned and operated to give you the freshest

quality farm raised crawfish in Louisiana. We offer them anyway you like them: live, boiled & packaged, or

peeled & packaged for all your crawfish eating needs.


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High Quality Crawfish

Live Louisiana Farm Raised Crawfish

Our crawfish are Louisiana farm raised, caught on site, graded and processed to acheive the Grade “A” quality we promise.
We provide crawfish live by the pound, whole boiled and packaged in 5 pound custom bags, or peeled crawfish tails that are prepackaged in 1 pound bags and ready for your enjoyment alone or in a creative crawfish dish.

Ready to Eat Whole Cooked

Boiled Crawfish
We also provide ready to eat, whole cooked, boiled crawfish that comes to you prepackaged in our customized bags. The eco friendly packaging was a necessity in our plan. The crawfish packaging is clear so you can see the product your buying, and the thicker design allows for better shelf life while frozen. The packaging is also a full solid 5 pounds of our quality product. Therefore, our crawfish comes to you fresh and fair. You will get what you paid for at Grade “A” crawfish!

Fresh from our farm, to your table

Our Farm Raised Crawfish are caught fresh and processed on-site. We offer crawfish tailmeat, and whole boiled crawfish. Live crawfish delivered seasonally.

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Fresh Crawfish

Crawfish produced fresh from a Louisiana farm raised environment.

Fast Process

Our speedy process is an important part of getting the crawfish produced and prepared so they are fresh.

Fast Delivery

We can delivery our crawfish in a timely manner to get them to your destination fresh.

Friendly Price

We offer competitive prices for our crawfish raised and caught on the farm.

The Best Live Louisiana Farm Raised Crawfish

For the quality of our catch to be perfect, we farm raise the crawfish in a safe, eco-friendly environment. From the crawfish mud-homes to the crawfish pots, we make sure we deliver the biggest, most delicious crawfish we can provide. Grade “A” is our name and quality is our aim.

Whole Cooked Boiled


Crawfish are a Louisiana staple and we have them seasoned, boiled, and prepackaged for easy delivery at your convenience.

For any celebration or creative crawfish cuisine, we have what you are looking for in the form of these Grade “A” quality crawfish.

Grade “A” Crawfish Headquarters


1811 Hwy. 71 South
Lecompte, LA 71346


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Grade “A” Crawfish is the Best Standard Quality and 100% Product of U.S.A.