1811 Hwy. 71 South | Lecompte, LA 71346
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About Us

Grade “A” Crawfish, LLC. was established in 2014 and is located in Lecompte, Louisiana, USA. We are the Northern most crawfish processing plant in the state of Louisiana. We process, and distribute all of our own product that comes straight from the rice pond to your table! Meaning you have the freshest Louisiana crawfish you can get your hands on. WE, as a family owned business, understand the importance of getting THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY so we offer 100% quality product to everyone!

Our business is set up in the means of experience and value’s. The processing plant of 10,000 sq. ft. is the only business where you can walk in, and actually watch through the window’s the process of packaged tail meat. Everyone should be able to know what their eating, so we figured windows would be a great way to reassure you that our tail meat, carefully processed by hand, is what you want and worth every penny.

From LIVE CRAWFISH, FROZEN CRAWFISH TAIL MEAT, AND SEASONED-WHOLE BOILED FROZEN CRAWFISH. The goal as a local processor/distributor is always producing – product that is cost efficient, full sized packaging, and healthier for you to consume becacuse of the fresh crawfish GRADE “A” offers. Serving size is a priority. G.A.C. frozen tail meat is a full 1 POUND (16 OZ) portion. ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU’RE EATING!

USDA approved product of Louisiana and a product of “Certified Cajun.”