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LIVE Crawfish

Our crawfish are farmed in locally located rice ponds in central Louisiana, fished daily for the freshest, cleanest Louisiana red crawfish possible. After they are caught we rinse, weigh, and grade them for quality before they are bagged for your enjoyment. These seasonal delights are inspected to ensure our customers are getting good sized crawfish to allow for a gratifying crawfish experience whether it is for a crawfish boil with friends and family or the makings for a unique Louisiana cajun crawfish dish.

We’re known for our clean crawfish sold around the state.
Market price for local pick up in Lecompte, LA. Please contact 318-406-3047.

Boiled and Packaged

First steps in processing seasoned whole boiled crawfish. We soak the crawfish for several minutes after they are cooked, then “the ice down” process allows the crawfish to absorb more flavor.

Secondly, the seasoned crawfish are packaged in a vacuum sealed, high quality plastic packaging.

Thirdly, the freshly packaged bags are submerged into ice water (dipped), then taken out and dried of access water on the outside of the bags to inspect packaging of the whole boiled crawfish.

Finally, they are ready for order. Five pound bags of freshly seasoned & cooked crawfish to be sent to you and ready to prepare however you prefer them!

Peeled and Packaged Crawfish

Farm raised crawfish,  processed and peeled to produce 1 full pound frozen tail meat(16 ounces) bagged in our customized bags.
100% USA packaged & produced. Sixteen ounces (1 pound) per package and 24 packs per case.
Call for pricing: 318-406-3047
Fax: 318-406-3048 or
We except PayPal and all major credit cards.